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Baratti & Milano, Cremino, Assosrtment, Blue Box

Cremino Assortment in Blue Box

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At the origin of the Baratti & Milano production, a fantastic three-layer praline since then called Cremino is recognized and appreciated for its delicacy and creaminess; harmoniously combines pure gianduja chocolate with the velvety and sweet "Tonda gentile" hazelnut cream.

The original recipe of the master chocolatiers treasures a long pastry tradition and offers a small jewel of sweetness and balance. The chocolate used contains exclusively cocoa and cocoa butter as per the original recipe.

Love our cremini flavors but can never choose just one? Or perhaps you need a gift for the Cremino enthusiast in your life? This royal blue box of assorted Cremino comes with an assortment of our classic Cremino, pistachio Cremino, Cremino noir and the 4 emotions Cremino.

230 gram net weight