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Mead Vinegar

Mead Vinegar, Aceto di Miele 500ml

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Translucent and bright with golden hues, this mead vinegar reflects the essential wild origins of the honey it is made from. 

Il Miele della Vita Mead Vinegar (Aceto di Miele) starts with wild and organic millefiori (thousand flower) honey produced by free-roaming bees in the grassy Alpine fields of the Po River Natural Reserve—a protected wildlife refuge in the Alpine foothills of Piedmont. 

The Alpine honey is diluted with pristine water, then inoculated with select natural enological yeast to boost the fermentation process, which lasts a month. The resulting mead is aged for one year in airtight vatsin order to prevent oxidation and to let its flavor fully develop.

The delicate aroma of Alpine flowers plus a refreshing acidity make this exceptional mead vinegar a distinct condiment for delicate greens and fresh fruit salads. 

Ingredients: acetified mead of honey