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Mignon Organic EVOO Gift Set by Frantoio Pruneti

Mignon Organic EVOO Gift Set by Frantoio Pruneti

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The Mignon Collection by Frantoio Pruneti showcases 3 100ml bottles of different organic monocultivar extra virgin olive oils. This makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift!

Each oil is made using only a singe olive varietal native to the Pruneti estate in Chianti, Tuscany. This is a starter pack for the budding olive oil enthusiast, who is curious to taste the different characteristics of specific olive varieties.

+ The light Leccino evoo: hints of fresh, green grass and white pepper. Pair with raw fish and tartare, vegetable tarts and aged cheeses.

+ The medium Moraiolo evoo: notes of almond and dried fruit with a peppery finish. Pair with cooked fish and white meats, quiches, vegetables, and fresh cheeses.

+ The intense Frantoio evoo: strong aroma of artichoke and arugula with notes of green pepper and rosemary. Pair with raw or grilled vegetables, rich bean soups, and grilled meats.

Net weight: 3 100ml/3.4oz

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