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Italian Harvest

Panettone Cioccolato, 1.3lbs/600g

Panettone Cioccolato, 1.3lbs/600g

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The Artisanal chocolate Panettone has a particularly soft, yellow and well-alveolated dough, enriched with a delicious filling of dark chocolate creamdark chocolate drops and natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar. The natural leavening, starting from sourdough and the 72 hours of patient craftsmanship, give the Panettone great softness and digestibility.

The basic ingredients are all fresh: free-range Italian eggs, milk, cream and mountain butter. The sweetness of Panettone Cioccolato and the intensity of the single-origin cru chocolate, selected from regions focused on quality, satisfy the most refined and insatiable palates.

Product of Italy


Wheat flour,Chocolate cream (14%) (Sugar, Water, Vegetable fats, Glucose-fructose syrup, Dark chocolate (Cocoa paste, Sugar, Defatted cocoa powder), Skimmed milk powder, Egg yolk, Cocoa powder 2%,Corn starch, Fresh eggs, Fresh Butter, Sugar, Natural sourdough yeast, Fresh egg yolk, Emulsifier: mono- and di-glycerides of fatty acids of vegetable origin, Italian Honey, High quality fresh milk, Fresh cream, Cocoa butter, Cervia whole marine salt, Madagascar Mananara Natural Vanilla

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