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Italian Harvest

Villa Estense Balsamic Vinegar- Gold, 8.45oz/250ml

Villa Estense Balsamic Vinegar- Gold, 8.45oz/250ml

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Well balanced sweet and sour taste in this top of the line aged balsamic vinegar. Use with aged cheese, ice cream, berries, fish or meats. Relative density is 1.32 at 20 degrees C/68 degrees F.
Full bodied and velvety, this balsamic vinegar with a bright dark brown color has an intense and balsamic flavor of woods, cooked grape must.

***The association of Balsamic Vinegar Producers of Modena in Italy has forbidden the indication of number of years of aging the vinegar is subject to unless it is certified like the Tradizionale Balsamics. Measuring the density is one way to determine the richness of the batch. The higher the density, the higher the concentration of reduced grape must versus the concentration of wine vinegar. So the sweetest and richest balsamics have a higher relative density.

Ingredients: Concentrated grape must, wine vinegar. Acidity is 6%. Naturally occurring sulphites.

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