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Whisk, 8" stainless steel spring

Whisk, 8" stainless steel spring

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Mrs. Anderson's French Coil Whisk, also known as a spring whisk, is perfectly sized for mixing smaller amounts of ingredients in a cup or small bowl. A must-have of cooking utensils, the spring coil is specially designed to be flexible and change shape when needed. Pressing downward flattens the spring to easily scrape up ingredients from the sides and bottom of a pan.

Easy to use. Simply hold the Coil Whisk stationery, and work in an up-and-down motion to incorporate liquid ingredients. Great for making gravy directly in roasting pans, or blending in thickening agents for a creamy alfredo sauce or hollandaise sauce without the lumps! Made from stainless steel, Mrs. Anderson's French Coil Whisk is flexible and durable. Hangs for easy storage. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.

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