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Apron, Romagna Print Red

Apron, Romagna Print Red

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Beautiful and practical apron with stamped design, Made in Italy

Dimensions: 90x70 cm
Shoulder strap height 23 cm
2 side straps
Fabric: cotton linen blend
Drawings: ears of corn and “Romagna” cockerel

Made in Italy

The handmade decorated with typical Romagna prints is a product with a precious fabric (cotton-linen blend), resistant and robust. This is a high quality apron if compared to the silk-screen ones.
Each apron is unique, one is always different from the other. It is entirely handmade in Italy.
The product is characterized by a traditional Red Romagna print.

The Romagna prints embody the spirit and tradition of peasant Romagna: lively, creative, proud.
The apron is handmade in every little detail, such as fabric, cut, stitching, right up to the print.
The ancient "rust" manual printing technique can lead to small imperfections.
Prints may also be visible on the reverse side of the fabric.


Care of Romagna prints products

To have bright colors and white fabric you can follow the following tips:

  • For the first three washes use cold water (by hand or in the washing machine)
  • In case of stains, please avoid rubbing directly on designs and leave the textile to soak instead.
  • Use diluted bleach in the first three washes.
  • You can use bleach as needed, soak or wash.
  • Washes at a maximum of 60 degrees.
  • Do not dry in the dryer machine.
  • Iron with high temperature and steam.
  • Iron when the fabric is still slightly damp.


History of typical Romagna prints

This kind of artisan print is very old and has existed since the time of the Egyptians.
In Romagna it has probably spread since at least the 1400s, they were particularly widespread between the late 1700s and early 1900s.
Initially printed products were used as a caparison with Saint Anthony’s depictions to decorate the oxen. Later they began to decorate aprons, blankets, towels, tablecloths, cushions and curtains.
Today the traditional Romagna prints are spreading again thanks to their beauty and undisputed quality.


How are Typical Romagna prints made?

The wooden matrices, made of pear wood engraved by hand, once impregnated with color are placed on the fabric and hit with a mallet until the color has completely transferred onto the canvas.
Then the clothes are dried and the color fixed. The final step is the ironing.

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