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Italian Beechwood Gnocchi and Garganelli Board

Italian Beechwood Gnocchi and Garganelli Board

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Explore Garganelli and Gnocchi: Italian Culinary Distinctions A traditional Italian board is used to shape the dough (Garganelli) or potato dough (Gnocchi) into small dumplings.

Unveil the Italian culinary artistry behind Garganelli and Gnocchi with this Beechwood Gnocchi and Garganelli Board. Handcrafted from premium solid beechwood, this versatile tool creates impeccable pasta shapes and textures, enhancing sauce adherence. Elevate your dishes effortlessly, whether it's Garganelli or Gnocchi, or even venture into cavatelli making.

Crafting perfection is simple with our step-by-step guide: place dough on the board, imprint, and roll along the ridges. Dust Garganelli with flour to prevent sticking, preserving their flawless form. Elevate your culinary creations with our Beechwood Gnocchi and Garganelli Board – your gateway to Italian authenticity.

This set is made up of a ridged board and a 9 in. dowel. CARE: Hand-wash only.

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