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Panettone Classico by Loison

Panettone Classico by Loison

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Dario Loison uses the finest ingredients and a long 72 hour leavening process to make the best panettone we have ever had. He carefully selects ingredients that are regional specialties from all over Italy and the world.


The citron is from Diamante in Calabria, the oranges from Sicily, and Sultana raisins from Turkey. The beautiful packaging is designed by wife Sonia Loison and makes for an elegant gift for any occasion.

1.1 lbs

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Sultana raisins, fresh eggs, butter, sugar, natural sourdough yeast , candied orange peels from Sicily, candied citron peels from Diamante in Calabria, glucose and fructose syrup, concentrate lemon juice, fresh egg yolk. Emulsifier: mono and fatty acid diglycerides of vegetable origin, inverted sugar syrup, milk protein, cocoa butter, salt, natural flavors. May contain nuts, soy. Allergens include wheat, milk, eggs, treenuts, soybeans.