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Italian Harvest

Risotto Mix, ‘Portofino’ with Spring Vegetables

Risotto Mix, ‘Portofino’ with Spring Vegetables

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Our Portofino Risotto Mix is a combination of spring vegetables, spices, and natural bouillon.
Made using premium carnaroli rice from Lombardia, it makes for a wonderful dish by simply adding boiling water and stirring occasionally in 18 minutes. You can also give this mix your own signature by adding a homemade broth, vegetables, meat, fish or herbs and stirring in one ladle at a time. Either way, the result is a rich, creamy risotto.

12 oz

Ingredients: Carnaroli Superfino rice, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, peas, leeks, parsley, basil. shallots, spices. Natural bouillon: yeast extract, salt, vegetable oil, dehydrated onions, carrots, turmeric, nutmeg, curry. All natural ingredients. GMO-free.

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